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By on 14 Apr 2015

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Yesterday, two APNIC team members, Senior Internet Development Advisor Sunny Chendi and Security Specialist Adli Wahid, attended a meeting with APNIC Members in Islamabad, Pakistan. The event completed a busy week of guest lectures at universities, seminars, meetings and workshops.

This trip was possible in part because of an invitation in February from the Pakistan Ministry of Information Technology for APNIC to join the Workshop on Role of Stakeholders and Internet Governance. That workshop not only demonstrated Pakistan’s committed interest in Internet Governance issues, but also opened the door for APNIC to continue assisting in future developments in Pakistan.

As part of our mission for a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community, APNIC has a number of projects currently ongoing in Pakistan:

  • Working with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, ISOC, and the local industry with a view to establishing IXP’s in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore;
  • Supporting the local community to establish a national NOG (Network Operators Group), which hopes to have its inaugural meeting during 2015;
  • Training activities, especially regarding IPv6 and security best practices;
  • Supporting the F-root server and ATLAS probe deployments.

The Member gathering was a particularly important part of this latest trip to Pakistan. It gave a chance to meet face-to-face with Members, to hear about their views and needs, and also to thank them for their support and participation in the APNIC community.

As with all similar events, my hope is that by organising such events we encourage those who are building the Internet in their economy to continue that contribution, and extend their participation in APNIC and the broader regional community. Two specific things that we promote are attending APNIC conferences (in person or remotely), participating in Special Interest Groups, and tracking developments in the broader multi-stakeholder Internet community.

Thanks to all who welcomed us so warmly on Pakistan, and we hope to see you again soon!


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  1. imtiaz

    Hi Paul Wilson,
    Thanks for your comments and efforts of APNIC particularly to Sunny having a focus on Pakistan. As you mentioned there are a lot of landmarks we have to achieve in locally to come up the expectations of advanced Asian Internet communities like Japan and China along with other budding lineage like Singapore, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, I request to have a larger and widen circulation about events or visits so that nobody concerned is skipped, You can use ISOC-ISB mailing list or have a new mailing list regarding Pakistan activities.

  2. shahrukh

    he meet how can i join apnic in pakistan i want to be a network security specialist in pakistan pllzzz help me and tell me how o join apnic in pakistan


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