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By on 19 Mar 2015

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More than 40 members of the Thai Internet community joined APNIC’s seventh Regional Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on 9 March 2015. APNIC Regional Meetings (ARMs) are forums where APNIC Members and stakeholders can meet with their peers in their community and neighbouring economies to share their Internet resource management experiences. In Bangkok, the Thai community was joined by representatives from Laos and Malaysia.

During the half-day event, top international and local speakers shared their thoughts on industry topics such as IPv6 and network security. The speakers included representatives from ISOC, ICANN, ThaiCERT, the IPv6 Forum Thailand, and ToT. The presentation slides are available to view.

APNIC activities:

  • Duncan Macintosh moderated the IPv6 Panel session on “Where we are now with IPv6”, with Anna Mulingbayan giving the IPv6 deployment update.
  • Following the the Security/RPKI session, Anna gave an update on creating ROAs in MyAPNIC presentation for APNIC Members. Several members present created their ROAs at the session as part of APNIC’s ongoing ROA campaign.
  • After the ARM, APNIC also held an Advanced Routing 11 Workshop three-day training workshop for interested participants, it’s first training in Thailand this year.

Feedback from those attending the ARM and the training was positive.

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