APRICOT 2015: David Lassner does the “why” of Pacific connectivity

By on 3 Mar 2015

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David Lassner, opening keynote speaker at the APRICOT 2015 conference, gave a very nice “why” talk about networking in the Pacific, which fits nicely with the one Jon Brewer delivered later in the meeting on the “how”.

David is one of the long-term academic and research networking people of the region, and worked in the office above David Conrad at the University of Hawaii before APNIC was founded. His roots into the Internet in this region are deep.

David made the strong point about the history of network deployment and its links into academic/research networking. Ultimately, the endpoint is a general purpose network but it turns out A&R networks actually ‘break down the doors’ and get a range of activities bootstrapped, including learning, health, NGO and other non-profit sector activity can all piggyback on the academic infrastructure, which then opens the door for future commercially viable deployment.

David’s presentation below is worth a watch if you missed it (ignore the thumbnail photo – it is David talking!).

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