NETmundial Initiative Terms of Reference contributions deadline extended

By on 25 Feb 2015

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An update for anyone interested in contributing their inputs into the NETmundial Initiative (NMI) Terms of Reference (ToR).

The deadline for submission has been extended until Friday 27 February.

I urge you to consider contributing. Community consultation is the important basis of what NMI is, what NMI does and what NMI should not do.

For background you may wish to read my original post about the NMI and the community consultation process.

Maemura Akinori is currently the General Manager of the Internet Development Department at the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC). He is the Chair of the  APNIC Executive Council, and a member since 2000. He has also been  a visiting research fellow for GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication of the International University of Japan) since 2007, and Director of JPCERT Coordination Center since 2014.

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