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By on 13 Feb 2015

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I am very pleased to share that new webpages covering ‘IP and AS number Transfers‘ are now available.

The whole transfer section has been redesigned with consideration of the feedback from Members.

Our aim is to provide you with the most relevant and straightforward information for your particular transfer situation.  This is more complicated that it appears, because there are many variables that impact the specific information you need.

To do this we have introduced a system of questions that direct you to information relevant for your particular circumstance.  You can also review information about all types of transfer in the ‘quick links’ section.

The redesigned pages also contain less text and have been rewritten in simpler, plainer English.

We are confident that it will take you less time to find the answers you are looking for.

Whether you are just interested in learning more about transfer of IP address or AS numbers in this region or looking for specific answers for the transfer you are planning, we hope you find these new transfer pages helpful.

While you are reviewing these pages, you will be invited to give a quick rating on your user experience or share your comments. We are keen to find out what you think!

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