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By on 8 Feb 2015

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The ICG team meets in Singapore. Image credit: ICANN
The ICG team meets in Singapore. Image credit: ICANN

The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) met in Singapore over the past two days to assess the proposals submitted by both the numbering and the protocol parameters communities, as well as get an update from the names community on its progress.

The protocol parameters proposal was submitted to the ICG on 6 January by the Internet Engineering Steering Group.  This was closely followed by the numbering proposal from the CRISP team on 15 January, following numerous open meetings around the world and extensive community discussion.

The ICG’s role is to assess the proposals it receives from the operational communities against various criteria before examining the compatibility of the three proposals to produce a single, unified proposal.  This unified proposal will be made available for community comments before being finalised and sent to the NTIA.

CRISP team members Izumi Okutani (Chair) and Craig Ng joined APNIC’s Director General (and ICG member), Paul Wilson, to summarise the ICG meeting discussions of the past two days in the podcast below hosted by Pablo Hinojosa.

The agenda, transcript, and full audio and video recordings of the past two days of ICG meetings are also available (day one and day two).  Following the ICANN 52 opening plenary on Monday 9 February, there will be a session at 10.15am Singapore time (UTC +8) where representatives from the three operational communities will present their proposal status and answer questions.  You can participate in this session remotely.

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