NZNOG 2015: if you aren’t listed at the IXP on PeeringDB you aren’t helping

By on 30 Jan 2015

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Yesterday Dean Pemberton gave an impassioned talk on behalf of Andy Linton, about mapping the participants in peering at exchangepoints (IXP).

The fundamental problem is that in NZ, a lot of local peering participants have not bothered to participate in listings for the location. It lists only 20 participants but clearly has at least 70.

Dean pointed out that a lot of content owners, CDN use peeringDB to inform where to make investments, and if the data isn’t there, they cannot make an informed decision to deploy. This was backed up by Amazon and Cloudflare technical staff in the meeting: they use the PeeringDB information to drive how they connect and find NOC contacts to talk to.

So, a basic message, but an important one: if you don’t register your participation in a public IXP, you aren’t helping build its visibility for content to find you and join the peering!

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