My personal top 5 Internet outcomes for 2014

By on 28 Jan 2015

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While these are by no means in the league of global world peace or a cure-for-cancer,  here are some Internet related events that pleased me last year.

  1. The world IPv6 uptake figures are finally on a good track. APNIC labs publishes a 2-3% lower figure than other sources because we adjust our data for ITU supplied Internet population figures to account for sample bias, which we don’t think other measures do. On an economy-by-economy level we agree with most other measurements worldwide.
  2. World DNSSEC figures suggest there is a widespread adoption of validation. Given the remarkably short period of time its taken to achieve this level of penetration, I think DNSSEC is on track to become a significant tool improving trust in the Internet.
  3. The IETF achieved rough consensus on an IANA transfer model. Rough is the word, there remain issues that will have to be discussed, but an essential quality of ‘it ain’t broke: don’t over-fix it’ emerged in the last IETF meeting, after (again) a remarkably brief period of discussion and introspection.
  4. APNIC Labs managed to respond to requests for measurements in global TLD, new DNSSEC algorithms and related questions. Our body of research is a continuing measurement exercise. Being able to tune it to deliver point-issue answers to specific questions with rapid turn-around was very pleasing. If you have a question of world-scale end-user and DNS capability, we have a mechanism that can supply information.
  5. In the spirit of ‘think global, act local’ the Australian IPv6 uptake figures finally started to get towards world-scale deployment.  This is because Telstra, which represents at least 50% of the end-user marketplace in Australia (our new stats make it easier to see some indications of relative market share if you sort the data by sample count. It’s a random sample) broke through to 2.5% IPv6 capability. I expect to see a significant upswing in 2015 or 2016, the other economies that have achieved this kind of penetration have all tended to do so.

What are some of your personal favourite Internet development or outcomes of last year? Comments are very welcome!

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