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By on 3 Jan 2015

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Part of our ‘three of the best’ series, highlighting our most popular posts from 2014 on themes important to our community.


Managing the Policy Development Process (PDP) and implementing policy to ensure IP addresses and AS numbers resources are distributed fairly and consistently across the region is a critical function of the APNIC Secretariat. A notable development in 2014 related to policy was the introduction of the custom made electronic consensus measurement  tool, CONFER.

Below are the three most popular policy related posts from the APNIC blog.

  1. Reducing participation barriers in the APNIC Policy SIG– here Adam Gosling introduces the electronic measurement tool helping to inform the consensus development process
  2. Proposing an APNIC Cooperation SIG– background on the formation of the new Cooperation SIG, which will begin at APRICOT 2015
  3. Building Consensus: the implementation of CONFER– a technical post about the new CONFER tool

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