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By on 29 Dec 2014

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Part of our ‘three of the best’ series, highlighting our most popular posts from 2014 on themes important to our community.


Since the blog launched in August this year, members of the APNIC community have regularly contributed guest posts to the blog.  Below are three of the most popular guest blog posts in 2014, covering a range of topics important to our community.

  1. Speak up for your language– by Sarmad Hussain, IDN Program Senior Manager at ICANN.
  2. Internet in the Asia Pacific: Big opportunity, big responsibility– by Dr Ajay Kumar, National Informatics Centre, India, member of ISOC‘s Delhi chapter and NRO NC Member.
  3. IPv6 development and infrastructure essential for continued growth of the Internet– by Houlin Zhou, Deputy Secretary General of the ITU.

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