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By on 23 Dec 2014

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2014 draws to a close and we reflect on a busy year. During the festive period, the APNIC blog will feature a series called ‘three of the best’, highlighting our most popular posts from 2014 on themes important to our community.


A trend we have noticed on the APNIC Blog is the popularity of our posts related to network security. In particular, DNSSEC or Domain Name Security Extensions, which is also a key part of APNIC Labs research.

In addition to the ongoing measurements on global IPv6 deployment, APNIC Labs also measures the extent to which DNSSEC is being used.

The top three posts on DNSSEC, in case you missed them, were:

  1. ECDSA and DNSSEC: Geoff Huston discusses the extent to which deployed DNSSEC-validating resolvers fully support the use of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) with curve P-256.
  2. The Resolvers we use: Geoff discusses location-sensitivity in the DNS and the issue of latency.
  3. How a tiny DNNSEC server can make a huge difference: George Michaelson comments on the tiny DNSSEC server built for Labs for DNSSEC testing by Ray Bellis from Nominet.

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