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By on 2 Dec 2014

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Anton Strydom

APNIC is pleased to welcome our new Technical Director, Anton Strydom.

Anton has more than 25 years of technical experience, specializing in leading the design and development of hardware and software, and managing multi-disciplinary technical teams.

He joins APNIC after spending 12 years with Electronics for Imaging, Inc (EFI) in San Francisco as the Senior Director of Engineering.

Before EFI, Anton was the Development Manager at Consultancy in Advanced Technology, Durban, managing technical teams and projects including the development of Customer PIN protection for Internet home banking for a national bank. In this role he also managed the development of a high performance security processor to provide hardware security for enterprise financial transaction processing for a multinational company.

Earlier in his career, Anton worked for global cryptographic product and solutions provider Nanoteq as a systems engineer, and as a design engineer for a commercial semiconductor manufacturing facility in Centurion.

Anton will be attending APRICOT 2015 and we look forward to introducing him in person to the APNIC community.


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