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By on 24 Nov 2014

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APNIC hosted a Member gathering in Yangon, Myanmar on 20 November 2014. Anna Mulingbayan and Bhadrika Magan from APNIC attended the event to meet up with APNIC Members. They also took the opportunity to attend CommuniCast Myanmar 2014 in Yangon from 18 to 20 November 2014.

With more ISP licenses being awarded in Myanmar recently, CommuniCast 2014 celebrated the launch of mobile services in Myanmar, under the theme “Building Networks, Connecting Communities”.

There were 77 exhibitors that attended from ISPs, mobile operators, carriers, regulators, system integrators and IT solutions providers.

APNIC activities:

  • On 18 November, Anna presented at CommuniCast 2014 on the services APNIC provides and how organizations that rely on the Internet can take advantage of them. Other presentations included “Data connectivity via Satellite and how to connect 51.4m people” and “Best practices and game-changing solutions for smart mobile network deployment”.
  • During the event, Anna and Bhadrika spoke with many APNIC Members from Myanmar and answered questions on Internet resource management. They also spoke to those who are interested in APNIC training and other services.
  • At the Member gathering in the Park Royal Hotel, Anna presented an update of APNIC services and new services improvements and answered questions related to IPv4 transfers. After the presentation, Anna provided hostmaster consultation to interested Members.


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