George Michaelson appointed to Board of DNS-OARC

By on 21 Oct 2014

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We’re delighted that APNIC’s George Michaelson (or GGM, as he is known around here) has been appointed to the Board of the Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center (DNS-OARC).

The DNS-OARC is a non-profit, membership-based organization which aims to improve the security, stability and understanding of the Internet’s DNS infrastructure.  It does this by helping build relationships between member organizations, so that information and research can be shared in a trusted environment – to increase understanding of the challenges facing the DNS, but also to ensure rapid response to technical or security incidents threatening the DNS.  APNIC is a member of DNS-OARC.

Earlier this month, GGM was elected as a Director at the DNS-OARC’s workshop meeting in Los Angeles.  He is joined on the Board by Ondrej Filip from CZNIC (Chair), John Crain from ICANN, Chris Griffiths from Dyn, James Galvin from Afilias, and Duane Wessels from Verisign.

It is great to see GGM’s many years of contributions to the DNS recognised by his peers around the world – congrats!

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