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By on 25 Sep 2014

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IPv6 adoption is an important issue for the Asia Pacific Internet community and the topic was discussed a lot at APNIC 38 last week.  Obtaining IPv6 addresses is a straightforward process, so if your organization is thinking of applying for an IPv6 allocation, read on.

If you are already an APNIC Member with IPv4 addresses, you will instantly qualify for an IPv6 address block with no forms to fill out. Simply log in to MyAPNIC and click on the “Get your IPv6 addresses” icon on the main landing page.

  • If you have an IPv4 allocation, you will receive a /32 IPv6 allocation.
  • If you have an IPv4 assignment, you will receive a /48 IPv6 assignment.
  • If you have both IPv4 allocation and assignment, you can chose if you want to receive a /32 IPv6 allocation or /48 IPv6 assignment.

If you need more than these default minimum IPv6 prefixes, you need to submit the standard IPv6 address request form in MyAPNIC.

If you are not yet an APNIC Member and only require IPv6 addresses, you can take advantage of the Kick Start IPv6 application. It takes only a few minutes to set up and receive your /48 or /32 IPv6 delegation.

You can access detailed information including the online forms and fees here.  And if you have any questions, give the APNIC Helpdesk team a call – they’ll be happy to assist.

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