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By on 27 Aug 2014

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Another successful workshop has been completed at the Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok with our regular host intERLab.

The training event, held from 13-15 August, was led by Sheryl Hermoso with a diverse group of 12 active participants. The training alumni were mostly technical staff from the academy, a few from network operators and IXP.

Most the participants bought little experience of routing to the class and have very little router configuration experience. They had, however, successfully completed the ISP lab running on dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6. They were keen to know more about how to obtain and announce their own IP prefixes. There were also some active discussions and curious questions revolving around BGP, peering and internet exchange (IX), as well as  ISIS and its difference to OSPF.

Here’s some of the photos from the workshop:

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  1. Lyndon Villas

    Hi Sheryl,

    Just wanted to know if It is possible to get a copy of your pres. slides used during one of your online training for IPv6 Address Planning dated: 08 Jan 2014 (from youtube).
    I’m having a discussion with one of our customer (local service provider) on IPv6 Address planning.

    Thanks you,
    Lyndon Villas

  2. Sheryl Hermoso

    Hi Lyndon, thanks for watching the eLearning videos. I’ve uploaded the slides for Jan 08 on the FTP:

    Best of luck on your discussion and let us know how we can further help. 🙂


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