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By on 20 Aug 2014

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APNIC attended APAN38, held from 11 to 15 August 2014, in Nantou, Taiwan.

APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) refers to both the organization representing its members including National Research and Networks (NRENs) in economies in the AP region, and also to the backbone network that connects research and education networks of member economies to each other and to other research and education networks in the world.

The APAN38 meeting included tutorials, presentations and demonstrations covering advanced network technologies and applications, as well as numerous networking opportunities.

Keynotes presentations addressed ‘Networking Global Collaboration and Sustainable Development’ (Yuan-Tseh Lee, ICSU) and ‘e-Infrastructures Towards Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals’ (Salem Al-Agtash, ASREN).

Senior Advisor, Internet Development Miwa Fujii attended, along with 250 other researchers and practitioners from 31 economies, predominantly from the Asia-Pacific.

APNIC activities included:

  • Miwa participated in the APAN Council Meeting along with APAN council members on 14  August 2014. Miwa conveyed APNIC’s message at the meeting regarding expanding the scope of collaboration between APNIC and APAN communities through training and existing NOG activities.
  • As an extension of the above point, Miwa discussed expanding the scope of collaboration between APNIC and APAN and Trans-Eurasia Information Network Cooperation Center (TEIN CC) including delivering APNIC trainings for network operators of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), Network Operation Centres (NOC) at future APAN meetings.
  • Met with TWNIC to discuss on training and certification challenges, collaboration between TWNIC and APNIC, and APIPv6TF and IPv6 readiness measurement BOF at APNIC 38.
  • Miwa participated in as many as sessions possible to learn how APAN meetings are operated and current hot topics among R&E networks community so future collaboration between APAN and APNIC will be relevant for both parties.
  • Between sessions, Miwa provided individual input to several NREN members on IPv6 deployment status in respective economies and the current IPv6 deployment operational trend.
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