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By on 14 Dec 2023

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With the completion of APNIC’s current Strategic Plan (2020-2023) this year, the Executive Council (EC) is pleased to announce the availability of APNIC’s new four-year strategy.

The APNIC Strategic Plan (2024-2027) was created by the APNIC EC and Secretariat, and is informed by feedback from Members and the community. The plan sets out the future that APNIC wishes to see, the objectives and priorities that need to be achieved to help reach that future state, and the guiding principles underpinning APNIC’s efforts.

The document is shorter, simpler, and more digestible than the previous plan, and the EC believes it provides greater flexibility for the Secretariat to achieve its Most Important Goals, which are documented clearly.

The existing strategic pillars of activity (Membership, Registry, Development, Information, and Capability) have been re-cast into four new ones: Two Value Streams, Registry and Development; and two Enablers, Engagement and Capability.

The EC and Secretariat believe the new strategic pillars are the best way to group APNIC’s priorities and activities over the coming four years, and the Secretariat is transitioning to a new operational staffing structure to mirror the plan’s four pillars.

I hope you find the Strategic Plan more accessible than before, and I encourage you to read it and share any thoughts you have. 

The strategy becomes the guide for APNIC’s annual Activity Plans, and the activities each year will align with the overall strategy. The first annual Activity Plan based on the strategy will be released in March 2024 at the APNIC 57 AGM in Bangkok.

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