Four policy proposals up for community discussion at APNIC 54

By on 2 Sep 2022

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The Open Policy Meeting at the APNIC 54 conference will be held on 15 September 2022. Here is a snapshot of the four policy proposals being discussed.

prop-145: Single Source for Definitions

This proposal suggests that APNIC use a single definition document to ensure that terms are used and interpreted consistently across APNIC policy documents.

prop-146: Aligning the Contrast

This proposal suggests changing the APNIC Internet Resource Policy Document’s headings and descriptions in Section 3.0. The following sections were highlighted in the proposal:

  • Section 3.1 Goals of Resource Management
  • Section 3.2 Policy Environment
  • Section 3.1.4 No Guarantee of Contiguous Delegation
  • Section 3.1.8 Conflict of Goals

prop-147: Historical Resources Management

This proposal suggests that historical IPv4 resources be justified and claimed, or made available to other organizations that require them.

Following the EC resolution of 22 February 2021, historical resource holders in the APNIC region need to become Members or Non-Members by 1 January 2023 to continue to receive registration services. After this date, historical resource registrations will no longer be published in the APNIC Whois Database, and the resources will be placed in reserved status.

prop-148: Leasing of Resources is not Acceptable

This proposal suggests explicitly stating in APNIC policy that leasing IP addresses is not permitted in the APNIC region. It proposes actions the APNIC Secretariat can take if account holders are found to be leasing addresses.

Participate! Have your say

Good policy relies on a range of opinions from across the community, so it is important to get involved. They are developed through an open, transparent, and bottom-up process of consultation and consensus.

Have your say about these policy proposals by subscribing to the Policy SIG mailing list or participating in person or remotely during the APNIC 54 Policy SIG forum.

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