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By on 31 Aug 2022

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APrIGF 2019, held in Vladivostok, Russia.

The 13th edition of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) will be held in Singapore from 12 to 14 September 2022. APrIGF 2022 will be a hybrid event, co-hosted by APNIC, and co-located with APNIC 54, and APSIG 2022. Explore the program schedule.

APrIGF serves as a platform to raise awareness and encourage participation from all stakeholders around the region on Internet governance issues, and to foster multistakeholder discussion about issues pertinent to the Internet in the Asia Pacific. 

Under the hybrid model, all sessions will be conducted through a virtual platform with live streaming, a physical venue allowing face-to-face participation, along with remote hubs to organize local meetings and join the conference online.

The overarching theme this year is ‘People at the centre: Envisioning a community-led Internet that is inclusive, sustainable, and trusted’. 

In addition to the opening, closing, and daily town halls, there will be 25 workshops and showcase sessions under three tracks: Inclusion, Sustainability, and Trust. There will also be a collaborative session of all the National and Regional IGFs (NRIs) from the Asia Pacific region. Newcomers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Internet governance ecosystem and APrIGF at the half-day session on 11 September.

During the three days, several eminent people from the government, technical, business, and civil society will speak and share their thoughts. For more details, view the program schedule.

As an outcome of the conference, the APrIGF will release a Synthesis Document detailing the key takeaways and messages from the sessions. This document has been greatly appreciated by the community in the past.

We encourage you to register for the APrIGF 2022 conference and become a member of APrIGF by subscribing to the APrIGF mailing list. Interested members are also encouraged to join the Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG).

As APrIGF is a community-driven and bottom-up initiative, we encourage organizations and entities working in the digital space to consider sponsoring our event. Sponsorship provides organizations unique marketing and brand exposure to a regional and global Internet audience. It also provides opportunities to network and support capacity building with different stakeholders in the region, which is vital for a nuanced understanding of different issues. Interested sponsors may contact us directly for more details at

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Amrita Choudhury is the Director of CCAOI and an active contributor in the Internet governance space.

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