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By on 4 Aug 2022

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Continuing the theme of the last episode, in this week’s PING we’re learning more about the intricacies and perceived complexities of the QUIC protocol from one of its contributors and proponents Robin Marx, a postdoctoral web protocol researcher at KULeuven in Belgium, and soon-to-be technical solutions architect at Akamai.

Having researched HTTP2 performance as part of his PhD, Robin became involved in the development of HTTP3 and QUIC in the IETF while they were being designed. He also created the popular QUIC and HTTP/3 debugging and testing tools qvis and qlog.

In this episode, we discuss how the perceived complexities are unwarranted and how similar perceptions directed at other new protocols can impact innovation, especially from new contributors to forums like the IETF. Robin also shares his experience with contributing to the development of QUIC in the IETF, and the importance of user experience when it comes to measurement.

Follow Robin on Twitter: @programmingart.

Read more about QUIC on the APNIC Blog.

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