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By on 15 Mar 2022

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Face-to-face events are back, and we’re kicking off 2022 with a Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Deployathon at AusNOG in Sydney! 

Our last Deployathon was held at APRICOT 2020 in Melbourne, and much was learned by participants, facilitators, and vendors. Participants were from all over the Asia Pacific region, each with their own experiences and different network infrastructures. 

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This year’s event will focus on the Australian community with its own landscape challenges. 

How is this different from our usual RPKI training events? 

Well, it’s not training. Assisting our team on the day will be representatives from the ISP and vendor sector — experts who have successfully deployed RPKI and Route Origin Validation (ROV) on their networks. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to try various validator software and different routing platforms. You will not be given lab handouts (unless you get REALLY stuck); this Deployathon is about testing vendor and developer implementation, documentation, and making sure what they are offering is what they’ve promised.

Our aim with this session is not to just demystify the world of RPKI, but to identify potential improvements. A key finding from the last event was an issue with one of the vendor implementations. The findings were reported and changes were implemented. Similarly, at this event you will contribute to improving RPKI. 

Deployathon facilitators will share their experiences with the group. Having deployed RPKI, they have tried, tested, broken, and know what has worked for them. Equally as important, they will share what hasn’t worked and why.

Who should attend? 

  • Network Engineers who need to deploy RPKI. 
  • Network Engineers who have deployed, but still have questions. 
  • Network Engineers who have encountered problems and want to share what they have learned. 

So, this is not a training session? 

Not in the traditional sense. Our intent is for you to learn something new by breaking things and fixing them. You will learn by discovery; testing the developers and vendors own documentation. Afterwards, we will present the findings of our Deployathon as a Lightning Talk at AusNOG

Does it still sound like a training session? 

Join us, face-to-face, in Sydney on 5 April 2022, the day before AusNOG 2022 begins.

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