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By on 2 Nov 2021

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APNIC has launched a new, Zoom-based Technical Assistance platform to better support APNIC Members by understanding the issues they face in their day-to-day network operations, and sharing expertise on best and current Internet technical practice, in the following key areas:

  • Distribution and registration of Internet number resources
  • Supporting reverse DNS delegation
  • Managing the authoritative APNIC Whois Database and Internet Routing Registry (IRR)
  • Providing resource certification through Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
  • Supporting Internet routing
  • Supporting deployment of IPv6 networks
  • Supporting deployment of Internet infrastructure security measures
  • Supporting deployment of open and neutral IXPs and root servers
An image of the 'Find an Expert' interface.
Figure 1: The ‘Find an Expert’ interface.

For years now, APNIC training has focused on developing the knowledge and skills of network operators, managers, educators, and regulators to understand and manage Internet number resources and use appropriate Internet technologies and techniques.

Often during training sessions, participants would ask the trainers about their specific issues, and there wasn’t always time to address these in the framework of a training course.

It was clear that sometimes a more tailored, hands-on approach to solving the issue was needed, especially after training.

This is why the APNIC Academy has launched its new Technical Assistance platform, as a trial exclusively to APNIC Members, to easily contact subject matter experts via scheduled Zoom calls about their specific issues.

Participants can choose an expert by filtering on availability, topic, language or time zone, then book a session, by providing some basic details about what help is required. Once confirmation is received, participants will receive a Zoom link to connect with an expert.

Use ‘Find an Expert’ to connect with an expert. All bookings are free.

The Technical Assistance platform is supported by the APNIC Foundation.

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