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By on 16 Sep 2021

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It’s not just technical problems that can cause headaches for network operators; they need to deal with a complex range of legal issues, from data privacy and cybercrime to data localization, access requests by law enforcement, content restrictions, and day-to-day issues like the structure of their business.

The 2020 APNIC Survey [PDF] identified regulatory compliance as one of the top four challenges that concern APNIC Members and stakeholders.

In response, the APNIC Foundation has partnered with the Bond University Faculty of Law to establish the Internet Law Clinic to assist network operators in the Asia Pacific, free of charge.

The clinic draws upon the expertise of Bond Law academics and students to help selected organizations address challenges associated with Internet regulatory compliance. The clinic will work with organizations to clarify the precise details of the regulatory challenge, conduct research into the relevant laws and regulatory obligations, and present the results of the research in a clear and concise way.​

The clinic does not provide legal advice and cannot legally represent the organizations supported. Rather, the students and other volunteers at the clinic collaborate on specific projects designed to deliver relevant legal information and guidance to the supported organizations.

The clinic organizers stress that they will only be able to assist a limited number of organizations, so applications should be submitted promptly.

If you have a specific legal challenge and you would like to be considered for assistance, please fill out the expression of interest form and submit it by 30 November 2021.

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