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By on 27 Oct 2020

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Policy SIG Co-Chair Ching-Heng Ku speaking at the APNIC 50 OPM.

With all policy discussion remaining online-only for the foreseeable future, the Policy SIG Chairs believe there is a need to provide additional opportunities for the community to discuss policy matters (in addition to the mailing list) ahead of APNIC 51.

In particular, the Policy Development Process (PDP) review report contains important recommendations for community discussion.

The Policy SIG Chairs invite you to join a virtual community consultation session on this topic.

Date: Friday, 30 October 2020
Time: 11:00 (UTC +8) (Time converter)
Duration: 1 hour

The consultation session is free and open to anyone who wishes to participate.

If you’re interested, please register by Thursday, 29 October 2020.

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  1. Jordi Palet Martinez

    It is not very inclusive doing this at this time and date, coincidently with the RIPE meeting week … I’m also missing since more than a month, the response from the secretariat in the list, so I can contribute to this document.

  2. Bertrand Cherrier

    Hi Jordi !
    The time was chosen to suits our community, we never took into account other regions as it’s not possible to satisfy for everyone.
    There should be other meetings, maybe you could attend another one, but you still will have to get up early !
    We cannot provide the documents based on an individual person’s availability. When the document is put out to the community through the well defined process “editorial comment period” everyone in the community will have an opportunity to provide their feedback. Also, this process is for editorial comments and not suggest new points to include in the document. For example, to add a section about appeals process to the document as an editorial comment. This is not possible as it has to go through the PDP to make that change.

  3. Jordi Palet Martinez

    This is really wrong. There is no such thing as “our community”. All the RIRs policy making process is by definition, global.

    I can understand that you choose the best time that suits the majority of the participants in the region, but just making it a couple of days later, will also allow the people from other regions to participate without needing to stay awake and then participate in the RIPE meeting.

    The major problem I’ve is that there is no such thing as “editorial changes” in the current PDP, so *any* change requires full consensus and no objections.

    I agree that *some* changes may be editorial, and I will support them probably, but this is clearly *against* the PDP itself.


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