IPv4 transfers now available between APNIC and LACNIC regions

By on 23 Jul 2020

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LACNIC has announced it will start processing inter-RIR IPv4 Transfers.

LACNIC’s inter-RIR IPv4 transfer policy is compatible with APNIC’s inter-RIR IPv4 transfer policy. This means that APNIC can now begin processing IPv4 transfers between the APNIC and LACNIC regions. Please note that the new LACNIC policy does not allow for inter-RIR transfer of ASNs.

APNIC was the first RIR to implement an inter-RIR IPv4 transfer policy in 2011, and began IPv4 transfers with ARIN in 2012 after the ARIN community developed its inter-RIR IPv4 transfer policy.

In late 2015, the RIPE region also implemented an inter-RIR IPv4 transfer policy and the first IPv4 transfer between the APNIC and RIPE regions was processed in 2016.

Here’s a summary of the current inter-RIR transfer arrangements for quick reference, showing what resources are accepted for transfer between each RIR region based on community-developed policies:


Figure 1 – Comparison of Internet number resources accepted for inter-RIR transfer, by RIR policy

For more information about how to process inter-RIR transfers, visit the Transfer section of the APNIC website.

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