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By on 25 May 2020

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Geoff Huston has unveiled his keynote topics for the Networking from Home events, starting 2 June 2020. 

South East Asia – 2 June 2020: BGP Scaling

It is exceptionally hard to see all of the Internet at once. But one technology attempts to bring the entirety of the Internet to you, and this is BGP, the Internet’s inter-domain routing protocol. However, BGP is a 30-year-old protocol and it may not be coping very well anymore. This presentation will look at the state of BGP and the changes that have taken place over the past 12 months to see if BGP continues to scale or whether it’s ready to fail.

South Asia – 17 June 2020: DNS Privacy or Not

A lot of work has gone into securing the web in recent years. These days, browsers insist on using TLS to secure the data exchange between the user and the web server. However, the problem in all this is that almost everything on the net starts with a query to the DNS.
If an eavesdropper was able to see your DNS queries then they could piece back together much of your online activity. The DNS was not built to prevent such eavesdropping. The protocol is open and insecure. Work has been underway to make the DNS a little better at hiding its activity. This presentation will look at the extent of DNS eavesdropping today and the current work in improving some aspects of DNS privacy.

East Asia – 15 July 2020: Bloating Buffers

How much buffer space do you configure in your network’s routers? Conventional wisdom indicates that a router will need a buffer with a minimal of the bandwidth-delay product for each link that the router is driving. But as we scale up the volume and speed of IP networks is this still a good engineering approach to network design? When we look at recent developments in protocol design it appears that we could probably do a better job with a lot less memory. This talk will explore the relationship between buffer memory in the network and end-to-end protocol behaviour.

Oceania – 4 August 2020: Trust

What is the technology that lies behind that padlock icon on my browser’s navigation bar? This presentation will look at the framework of trust in today’s Internet and explores the weaknesses in this system and what we are (and are not) doing about it.

South East Asia call for papers deadline approaches!

The Program Committee (PC) is now seeking presentations for the NFH events. The final deadline for South East Asia submissions is 27 May 2020, with other event submission deadlines following shortly after.
Presentations are short and will be limited to 10-15 minutes in length. Topics for event sessions must be relevant to Internet operations and technologies; you can find a list of possible areas of interest on the NFH website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the NFH event PC.

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