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By on 21 Feb 2020

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Elected EC Members, from left: Achie Atienza, Sumon Ahmed Sabir, and Kam Sze Yeung.

Three community members were elected to the APNIC Executive Council (EC) at the Annual General Meeting held at APNIC 49 in Melbourne, Australia.

Sumon Ahmed Sabir and Achie Atienza were elected to the APNIC EC for the first time, with Kam Sze Yeung being re-elected to the EC for a third term.  All three were elected for two year terms.  You can watch the election announcement below.

Following the election, the EC met to appoint the office bearers of Secretary and Treasurer.  The EC appointed Achie Atienza as Secretary and reappointed Kenny Huang as Treasurer.  Gaurab Raj Upadhaya remains APNIC EC Chair.

The AGM was the last for departing EC Members, Rajesh Chharia and Benyamin Naibaho, both of whom decided not to seek re-election.

The APNIC Secretariat would like to again thank Rajesh and Benyamin for their service to the Executive Council and the APNIC community.

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