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By on 25 Apr 2019

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In May 2019, the Domain Name System Operations Analysis and Research Center (DNS-OARC) will be holding its biannual workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event provides DNS enthusiasts the opportunity to hear from leading DNS operators, vendors and researchers, and will be the first workshop held since DNS Flag Day – a key theme of many of the presentations that have so far been announced.

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Since 2004, the workshops have provided not only a unique and valuable insight into the current state of the DNS but enabled participants to network and engage in knowledge transfer – one of the key objectives of OARC.

More than just workshops

Founded by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) in 2004 (and later established as an independent legal entity with non-profit, public benefit status in 2008), DNS-OARC seeks to improve the security, stability and understanding of the Internet’s DNS infrastructure, via:

  • Promoting and conducting research with operational relevance through data collection (such as ‘Day in The Life of the Internet’, also known as DITL, collection efforts) and analysis
  • Offering useful, public services and tools
  • Building relationships among members
  • Facilitating an environment where information can be shared responsibly
  • Enabling knowledge transfer by organizing open workshops
  • Increasing public awareness of the significance of the DNS.

This has resulted in a diverse, motivated and highly collaborative community, which has been able to work together cohesively on pertinent issues facing the DNS, the worth of which has been highlighted in recent years against the backdrop of the growing number of malicious incidents directed towards the DNS. The rapid sharing of critical information that is vital for mitigating the impact of these incidents has only been possible due to the trusted contacts that many in the community have established through DNS-OARC.

Community development aside, OARC also manages the DNS Dataset library for research, public and member-only mailing lists, DNS traffic collection (annual DITL) and has developed a host of OpenSource DNS analysis software, including dsc, dnsperf, packetq, and dnsjit. Recent additions include RSSAC DNSCAP anonymization and the DNS Replay Tool (drool), funded by Verisign and Comcast respectively.

Looking ahead, we hope to continue to support and grow this critical community and welcome any new members to attend our workshops and mailing lists to see for themselves the benefits of joining. With this I’ll leave it to one of our members to say the last words and hope to see you at our upcoming workshop – OARC30 – in Bangkok, this May:

“DNS-OARC provides the invaluable mingling of DNS operators, developers, researchers, to communicate, collaborate, and share data via workshops, mail lists, and shared computing resources. Without this association I would not be aware of the current problems facing the DNS and Internet community nor be a part of their solutions.”

Contributors: Denesh Bhabuta

Sue Graves is a Membership Coordinator for DNS-OARC.

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