APNIC Academy launches new webinar feature

By on 27 Feb 2019

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Since its launch in early 2017, new courses and features have been continuously added to the APNIC Academy; yesterday APNIC announced a new webinar feature at APRICOT 2019.

The webinar feature now supports up to 1,000 participants (through public cloud infrastructure), including browser timezone conversion for upcoming live webinars, and 10 newly-structured webinar courses.

Many more developments are planned for this year including multilingual support and new IPv6 online courses.

The APNIC Academy is an online learning portal to develop the knowledge and skills of network operators, managers, educators, and regulators by helping them understand and manage Internet number resources and use appropriate Internet technologies and techniques.

Academy participants come from both networking and non-technical backgrounds. Some users are working for government agencies in their economies and others who own their own training institutions. There is really no set background for registering as it’s open for one and all, however some features/courses may be for APNIC Members only.

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