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By on 20 Dec 2018

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IETF 103 Opening Plenary. Image courtesy of the IETF.

APNIC participated at the 103rd meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF 103) in Bangkok, Thailand from 3 to 9 November 2018.

Held for the first time in Thailand, IETF 103 included the regular Code Sprint and IETF Hackathon, drawing 250 on-site participants and 32 remote participants collaborating on 28 different projects.

In addition to the technical tracks in the various working groups (for example, TLS) and areas (for example, Routing, Operations and Management, and Transport), there were also important discussions on the way work is done at the IETF, with the GROW working group considering publishing ‘living documents’ that can be updated more frequently and easily than RFCs.

APNIC activities:

  • George Michaelson presented on ‘Deploying Validation Reconsidered’ at the SIDROPS meeting.

  • On behalf of Marco Hogewoning from the RIPE NCC, George also presented to the Internet Society Fellows on IPv6.
  • Geoff Huston presented on ‘Measuring the KSK Roll’ at the IEPG.

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