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By on 22 Oct 2018

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As a first time APNIC Fellow, APNIC 46 gave me an invaluable opportunity to network with acclaimed leaders and experts, and learn from highly credited trainers, all of whom play a key role in the development of the Internet.

As a young professional, working in the field of enhancing cybersecurity response in the Pacific, it was empowering to connect with these people to share and discuss my ideas and concerns surrounding Internet development, governance, security and education in our region.

Just as important, I was able to connect with other young Pacific colleagues whom I’m sure to call upon and work alongside for many years to come.

During the Information Security Workshop I was introduced to a range of new cybersecurity tools and best practices including, the use of Kali Linux and OpenVas for penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning and assessment, and using DNSRPZ as an extra layer of defence against DNS lookups of malicious domains.

I’ve already started putting some of these new skills into practice, including sharing password and information protection best practices with young people, as part of my community outreach role. I also feel better equipped now to contribute to national and regional security strategies and policy development.

I also really enjoyed the APNIC Open Policy meeting, specifically how it offers all members of the Internet community an equal opportunity to share and contribute ideas on regional matters.

I highly recommend APNIC events to young people who have a passion to develop the Internet and strengthen cybersecurity in the region. It is an event of a lifetime, heaps of fun, and a true knowledge booster!

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Kaajal Kumar is the Founder and Executive Director of Aspire Network, a leading youth-led NGO focused on developing innovative programs aimed at increasing young people’s participation in security and peace through democratic processes. She is passionate about cybersecurity education among young people.  

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  1. Farha Diba

    Tremendous Article by Kaajal Kumar indeed! It’s worthy to read. As an APNIC fellow I have also found all the APNIC events really impressive especially for the youth. I also encourage the new comers to attend the events and contribute their learning to their own region. APNIC also encourage the women participation which means a lot for us. All the photos and videos are really impressive.

  2. Mavis Tom

    Well done Kaajal Kumar. This piece is worth reading and the photos and videos are really awesome. As an APNIC fellow myself. I really appreciate everything that APNIC has offered to us from the time we board the flight to the very last goodbye we had. I have also learned alot of new things some of which i’m now practising at work and also in my community. Thank you APNIC and once again thank you Kaajal for capturing all these wonderful moments. You’re a star


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