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By on 11 Sep 2018

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APNIC welcomes you to Nouméa, New Caledonia, for APNIC 46! It’s a chance for the APNIC community to come together for policy development, decision making, learning, information sharing, and networking. APNIC is thankful to our hosts, OPT-NC, for their support in making APNIC 46 a reality.

Keynote speakers Jonathan Brewer and Raja Azrina Raja Othman lead the conference program, discussing connectivity in the Pacific region and evolving online threats, respectively.


For those of you who cannot attend the conference in person, almost all sessions will be webcast so you can watch the sessions that are of most interest online.

APNIC Lounge

If you have any queries about your number resources or membership, visit the APNIC Lounge, and speak to one of our Member Services staff. The team will also be happy to assist you with tasks such as updating your whois contacts or creating a ROA. While you are at the Lounge, make sure to spin the lucky wheel for your chance to win a prize!

Policy proposals at APNIC 46

The Open Policy Meeting will be held across two Policy SIG sessions on Thursday, 13 September. The sessions will cover three new proposals and one existing, which failed to meet consensus at the previous Open Policy Meeting.

Community members interested in participating in the discussion of the following proposals should attend the relevant Policy SIG meeting either in person or by remote participation.

Short, translated summaries of the policy proposals for discussion are also available in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, Hindi, and Vietnamese.

NRO NC election

On-site voting for the a seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) starts on Thursday, 13 September, when announced by the Election Chair, and closes at 14:00 (UTC +11) that afternoon. See who the nominees are and cast your vote.

Enjoy the conference

We hope you enjoy the conference. If you have any issues, visit the APNIC Lounge or talk to one of the friendly APNIC staff.

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