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By on 22 Aug 2018

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You will probably hear from APNIC soon, inviting you to provide feedback and insights to help us understand what problems, challenges or needs you have, and to ask you to help validate potential solutions before we build them.

APNIC is a membership-based organization whose core business is to manage Internet number resources, serving our Members who hold resources from APNIC, as well as the global Internet community and stakeholders who rely on the information we provide about the resources, and their holders.

As one of the key Internet support organizations in the world, we strive to understand what challenges our Members and stakeholders face in building and managing a global, open, stable and secure Internet. We run a comprehensive survey every two years, we listen to Member contacts when they make a request or inquire about their IP address and ASN resources, and we participate at events to share information and ask for feedback about our activities.

We use all this information we gather to build and maintain a set of products and services to help our Members and stakeholders operate and manage a better Internet. To do this more effectively, we are adopting a Product Management framework.

What will the Product Management framework do?

We created new Product Manager roles this year to improve the way we process Members’ and stakeholders’ problems, challenges and needs into products and services that will solve them.

Being a not-for-profit organization, the fact that APNIC is now doing Product Management may raise questions — Product Management often relates to ‘return on investment’, a term more frequently used in the commercial world. This is not always the case.

The framework/methodology we are implementing helps us better understand users’ needs, so we can build products and services people will use and love, and which they can really benefit from.

APNIC didn’t rush into this. We have carefully evaluated and experimented with the idea of Product Management over the past year and it has shown great benefits to the way we develop current and future services. We are simply improving the way we work.

We need YOU on board

We can’t do this without your help! We’re working on ways to get more people involved in the Product Management framework and we would love to hear how you would like to provide input to us, so go ahead and leave us your comments below.

And please keep an eye on future blog posts as we continue to update you on how we are doing with the implementation of this framework and the progress we are making on our products and services.

Contributor: Adam Gosling

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