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By on 7 Jun 2018

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Geoff Huston presenting 'Is IPv6 only for the rich?' at the IPv6 Working Group session.

APNIC participated at RIPE 76 in Marseille, France from 14 to 18 May 2018.

The first of two meetings the RIPE NCC holds each year, RIPE 76 welcomed over 800 participants from 57 economies, including 200 newcomers — the biggest turnout to date at a RIPE NCC meeting.

APNIC activities

Geoff Huston gave three presentations during the event:

  • Is IPv6 only for the rich?’ at the IPv6 Working Group session, on the data collected by the APNIC IPv6 measurement project to help describe the phenomenon that puts India and other developing economies at the top of IPv6 deployment. Watch the video.

  • Measuring ATR (Additional Truncated Response) at the DNS Working Group session, which is a hybrid response to problems around the handling of large UDP packets and IP fragmentation. Watch the video.

  • TCP and BBR at the Plenary session, calling for more research and testing of TCP experiments and scalability of BBR in the face of important unsolved problems and unknowns. Watch the video.

  • Sofia Silva Berenguer was invited to the Academic/NREN meeting to share her experiences as a RACI fellow.
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