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By on 9 Nov 2017

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APNIC participated at the recent RIPE Network Coordination Centre meeting, RIPE 75, held from 22 to 26 October in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Welcoming 483 participants — including 176 first-time attendees — from 54 economies in the RIPE region, the program included:

APNIC activities

    • Geoff Huston gave a presentation at the Plenary session on the question of whether the Internet is entering its very own gilded age, exploring the monopolization of the digital world and the ‘Death of Transit’. Watch a video of the presentation.

  • Geoff also spoke about ‘More specific announcements in BGP’ in the Routing Working Group, on the impact of more specifics on the growth of the routing system. Watch a video of the presentation or download the slides.
  • In the IPv6 Working Group, Geoff spoke about ‘Surviving IPv6 Fragmentation’ on the drop rate of fragmented IPv6 packets in both the DNS and end-to-end paths. Watch a video of the presentation or download the slides.
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