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By on 12 Sep 2017

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We’re delighted to welcome you to Taichung, Taiwan, for APNIC 44. This is the fifth APNIC conference we’ve held in Taiwan and thanks must go to our local host, TWNIC, and the Taichung City Government for their support in organizing the event.

Cisco’s Anand Oswal and APNIC’s Geoff Huston will headline a packed program featuring three days of technical content, including presentations from international technical experts, tutorials, and the popular Lightning Talks.

We’re pleased to have Minister Ho Chen Tan — from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taiwan — and Taichung City Government Mayor, Chia-Lung Lin, join us to share their welcome remarks.


For those of you who cannot attend in person, most of the sessions will be webcast and transcribed.

APNIC Lounge

If you have any queries about your number resources or membership, visit the APNIC Lounge adjacent to the Registration desk. APNIC staff will be on hand to assist. If you update your whois contacts or create your ROA while at the lounge, you’ll get a cool T-shirt. You might also win a prize just for dropping by!

Six policy proposals to be discussed

The Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 44 will be held across three sessions on 13 and 14 September 2017.

Community members interested in participating in the discussion of the following proposals should attend the Policy SIG meeting either in person or by remote participation.

NRO NC election

On-site voting for the vacant seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) starts on Thursday, 14 September, when announced by the Election Chair, and closes at 14:00 (UTC +8) that afternoon. See who the nominees are and cast your vote.

Enjoy the conference

We hope you enjoy the conference. If you have any issues, visit the APNIC Lounge or talk to one of the friendly APNIC staff.

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