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By on 7 Jun 2017

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APNIC participated at the Pacific ICT Days 2017 and the Pacific Internet Governance Forum (PacIGF) from 17 to 18 May 2017 in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

The purpose of Pacific ICT Days 2017 was to highlight the ways ICT can help develop Pacific societies and bridge digital divides. Held alongside this event was the PacIGF, which serves as a platform for discussion and collaboration on Internet governance issues in the Pacific region. The theme for this PacIGF was ‘Working for an inclusive, secure and safe Internet’ and included a Youth IGF track facilitated by Pasifika Nexus.

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During the week, there were other events, such as an ‘Online Privacy’ workshop organized by the Internet Society, a National Emergency Telecoms Program (NETP) led by the World Food Program (WFP), and a VSAT Satellite Training workshop provided by the ITU.

APNIC activities

  • APNIC supported five fellows from Fiji, Kiribati, PNG, Solomon and Tuvalu (three female and two male), to participate in the PacIGF event.
  • Paul Wilson participated at the opening session of PacIGF, discussing issues related to global Internet governance.
  • Paul also participated as a panellist in the final session on ‘Next Steps’ and talked about preparations for the next APrIGF meeting in 2018, scheduled to be held at the same venue in Vanuatu.
  • Pablo Hinojosa participated in the wrap-up session, summarizing the two-day discussions of the PacIGF meeting.
  • Paul and Pablo met stakeholders from Pacific governments and private sector representatives about CERT development and upcoming security-related training activities in the region.
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