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By on 10 May 2017

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The Taiwan Internet Governance Forum (TWIGF) will hold its annual meeting at the GIS NTU Convention Center in Taipei on 17 June 2017.

TWIGF is governed by the multi-stakeholder approach. Its members include policy makers, telecommunication operators, Internet companies, OTT operators, the academic community and civil society.

TWIGF serves to bring people together in discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet in Taiwan, and the meeting offers an opportunity to debate Internet governance issues and to learn about different approaches to moving Internet governance ideas into practice.

Registration is now open. We warmly welcome you to join our event, however if you cannot make it to Taipei in person, a webcast of all sessions will be available on the TWIGF website.

We look forward to meeting you in Taipei on 17 June.

Kenny Huang is a member of the TWIGF Multistakeholder Steering Group and is an APNIC Executive Council member.

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