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By on 3 Apr 2017

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Don’t just join us in Taichung, Taiwan for APNIC 44 this September; share your insights on trends and technologies shaping the Internet.

Call for Papers is now open.

The APNIC Program Committee is now looking for presenters for the technical plenary, and conference, lightning talks and birds of a feather (BoF) sessions on topics including:

  • IP core network routing, switching and operations
  • IPv6 deployment and transition technologies
  • Access and transport networks including LTE, WiMax, FTTx/GPON, STM, MPLS, etc.
  • Network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware) and BCPs
  • Software defined networking, network function virtualization and network automation
  • Content and service delivery (Multicast, Voice, Video, Telepresence, Gaming), and cloud computing
  • Smart Cities network architecture, security, and addressing
  • DNS / DNSSEC, Mail, WWW, etc.
  • Wi-Fi and SP Wi-Fi technologies
  • IXPs and peering
  • Research on Internet operations and deployment
  • Academic research on Internet technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, standards, services, security, addressability and manageability

If you are interested in participating as a speaker or chairing a panel session, we’d love to hear from you.

Important dates

  • First round paper acceptance    14 June 2017
  • Final deadline for submissions  14 July 2017
  • Final round paper acceptance    21 July 2017
  • Final slides received                     10 September 2017

Please note that the Program Committee is working to earlier deadlines this year so the conference program can be announced earlier.

Submission requirements

Most speaking slots will be filled well before the final submission deadline, so it’s important to get your submission in early! The Program Committee will keep a few slots available up to the final submission deadline for presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of critical operational importance.

Please submit your presentation suggestion online using the APNIC 44 Paper Submission system.

Note, draft slides must be provided with your submission otherwise the Program Committee will be unable to review them. All draft and completed slides must be submitted in PDF format only.

If you have any questions, please contact the APNIC 44 Program Committee who will be happy to assist.

The Program Committee looks forward to receiving your submission.

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