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By on 27 Feb 2017

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Hoan nghênh!

We are very pleased to welcome you to APRICOT 2017, held for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. We extend our thanks to the hosts — Vietnamese Network Information Center (VNNIC), Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) and Netn@m — and sponsors for their support of the event.

Conference highlights

We’re delighted to have several regional and international Internet leaders join us to share their experiences. Be sure to attend the Opening Ceremony this afternoon to hear from keynote speakers: Tim O’Reilly, who will talk about what Internet operations teaches us about the future of management, and Nguyen Hong Thang, who will talk about the evolution of Viet Nam’s Internet.

In addition to the several technical, tutorial and APOPs sessions, there are also interesting BoFs including the BCOP BoF, the NFV BoF, and the APNIC BoF – Data Gathering and Analysis. APRICOT 2017 is also holding its regular Peering Forum to provide the peering community with the opportunity to help establish new peers, extend existing peering arrangements, and share information and experiences.

Don’t miss the APNIC Panel – Forces Shaping the Network, where panellists will discuss how the Internet is being affected by the new technologies and people coming online. Find out how these emerging trends will affect your organization.

The conference will end with the Closing Plenary, where keynote speaker Avi Freedman will talk about the age of data driven network operations.

Don’t forget, if you can’t attend in person, you can participate remotely using our webcast options. Check out the sessions that are being broadcast.


There are four policy proposals up for discussion at the APNIC 43 Policy SIG:

You can contribute to the discussion to share your views. Join the session, participate remotely, or contribute via the Policy SIG mailing list.

An election for the position of Chair will be held as the first agenda item at the SIG on Wednesday, 1 March 2017. If a new or additional Co-Chair is required, a Co-Chair election will also take place. See who the nominees are.

Thursday, 2 March is the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where APNIC Members can learn more about APNIC’s operational and financial performance. The APNIC Executive Council election will also be held on Thursday, with on-site voting taking place from 09:00 to 14:00 (UTC +7). The successful candidates for the four positions open for election will be announced during the last session of the AGM.

We hope you enjoy your conference experience. We’re expecting a big turnout, so be sure to arrive early, get your registration badges, and kick off your conference experience hassle free!

If you have any issues or queries, please visit the APNIC Lounge or keep an eye out for APNIC staff, who will be wearing bright stickers on their registration badges and will be happy to help.

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