Bohoma Sthuthi, Colombo!

By on 7 Oct 2016

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Thanks to everyone who attended APNIC 42 in Colombo.  We hope you enjoyed the conference and found it a valuable experience. There were:

  • Over 332 attendees representing 133 Member organizations
  • 183 registered newcomers from more than 21 economies
  • 55 fellows from 18 economies, including 21 women
  • Five days of workshops
  • Three days of conference with over 70 speakers and more than 20 conference sessions on topics such as Internet security vulnerabilities, Internet networking, Internet governance, IPv6 and IoT, to name a few.

Thanks again to all the sponsors for helping make this event happen – we appreciate your support.

And a big thanks to our hosts, Sri Lanka CERT|CC, for helping stage APNIC 42 in the beautiful city of Colombo.

If you want to catch up on what happened at APNIC 42, there’s a wealth of information on the conference website, including the Conference Report. We also have YouTube recordings of many of the speakers, Slideshare presentations and more.

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