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By on 20 Sep 2016

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Photo: 2016 APrIGF July 29 Event Photos

Following the successful 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum held in Taipei this July, and weeks of community input, the 2016 APrIGF Synthesis Document has now been finalized.

The document is a snapshot of the various issues and themes covered at the 2016 APrIGF and aims to capture items of common interest, relevant to Internet Governance in the Asia Pacific region.

The 2016 APrIGF synthesis document is the second effort to produce a community document from the APrIGF conferences. This year’s process began well before the actual meeting, building on the success and the lessons learned from last year’s effort. Prior to the meeting, a rough outline was drafted to structure the effort. This was developed by drawing from last year’s document, an open-call for contribution, and input from the volunteer drafting committee.

With this foundation in place, two in-person sessions were organized at the 2016 APrIGF to gather content from the day’s discussions. The sessions in Taipei were dynamic, with spontaneous break-out groups formed to hash out differences of opinion and input from a broad spectrum of representatives.

As a member of the drafting committee, it was great to see the growing community interest in the endeavour. While I joined the event remotely, the energy in the room was palpable.

Following the meeting, the document went through an additional two rounds of public input via an online participatory platform, and then further refinement to reach its final form.

The document will be presented to the global IGF during the Community Intersessional Programme – Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billion – Phase II.

While the document certainly does not seek to represent an authoritative Asia Pacific view on any issue, it is a great avenue to bring the discussions at the APrIGF to a wider audience; allow for more Asia Pacific views to be considered in the global IGF discussion; and, most importantly, contribute new ideas and perspectives to important Internet-related discussions happening across our region.

A hearty thank you to everyone for all their contributions to the effort and to the APrIGF Secretariat for the excellent work facilitating the process.

Download and view APrIGF 2016 Taipei Synthesis Document.

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