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By on 25 May 2016

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As we get closer to APNIC 42, concerns have been raised by Members on APNIC-Talk and privately with the Secretariat on whether the event will still be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, following the series of attacks, primarily on local individuals.

APNIC takes the security and safety of our Members and staff seriously. The concerns were discussed overnight at the quarterly APNIC Executive Council (EC) meeting.

After much discussion and deliberation, the EC has decided to proceed with APNIC 42 in Dhaka, based on current information. The venues for the workshop and conference will now be confirmed on the website and registration will open in the coming days.

The workshops will be held in the Hotel Amari, in the Gulshan district of Dhaka, and the conference will be held at the Le Meridien Dhaka, which is close to the airport (north of Central Dhaka). Fellows for the workshop and conference will be accommodated in these two hotels as well.

As with all of APNIC’s conference locations, a close watch will be kept on the security situation in the coming months. If the level of security deteriorates, APNIC 42 could be relocated to another location. We recommend that delegates travelling to Dhaka choose flights with flexible change and cancellation policies.

We understand that some Members may not wish to attend or have company policies that could make it difficult to seek travel approval. The conference sessions will be streamed live and for those Members who cannot attend, we certainly invite you to participate remotely.

In the meantime, APNIC will continue to work closely with our hosts, ISPAB, to arrange a great conference for the community. We look forward to seeing you at APNIC 42.

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  1. Sumon Ahmed Sabir

    As a part of the local Bangladeshi Community, I just like to put my comments here. Yes there are few incidents in different parts of the country. These are few sporadic attack on few individuals by an or some unknown groups. Government quite concern about it. But life here is normal and we feel quite safe here and also feel safe for hosting APNIC42 here till now. Probably International Media highlighted this bit more.

  2. GZ Kabir

    I also echo with Sumon. As a citizen of the most crowded city in the Country we do not feel any agitation/tension like those days when we had political unrest. Therefore, we would request all the International community to come to our beautiful Country and try to taste the hospitality of our people. Also, most of you know the BD community, we assure you all possible assistance for the vent and we are really hungry to make the event more successful than any other APNIC events in the region. Wish to see you all.

  3. M.A.Hakim

    As local organizer for APNIC42, I would like to mention that the overall daily life
    of Bangladeshi people are normal in here. ICT community are eagerly waiting to
    welcome all our foreign friends and dignitaries in Dhaka.

    Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Post & Telecom of Bangladesh government are involved in
    this event logistic. As a general pre-caution for a large international event like
    this; there will be proper security protection from the government agencies during
    the event. We have organized this event in very secured areas in Dhaka.

    It is true that there has been some incidents of targeted killings recently but this
    is not political violence or unrest. The Government is very serious about this and
    trying to hunt down the perpetrators. As I have mentioned there is no panic or
    insecurity feeling among the general people.

    So overall I would say please do not panic on some media frenzy reports and please
    do come and you will enjoy the real hospitality of Bangladeshi people.

    M. A. Hakim
    CEO bdHUB Ltd
    President ISP Association of Bangladesh


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