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By on 16 May 2016

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APNIC participated at the inaugural BKNIX Peering Forum 2016, held from 9 to 10 May 2016 in Bangkok, in conjunction with an APNIC Regional Meeting.

The event welcomed 120 attendees, including regional and international engineers and business decision makers from ISPs, IXPs, CDNs, and IDCs, who shared their experiences on peering trends and issues.

BKNIX 2016 was hosted by the Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNICF) to provide peering and interconnection professionals an opportunity to grow their business networks, learn and build new peering relationships.

APNIC activities:

  • Geoff Huston remotely presented “Scaling BGP”, which examined the growth of the routing table in light of IPv4 exhaustion in four out of five RIRs, and the deployment of IPv6.

  • George Michaelson presented in the ‘Peering dynamics in SE Asia” session, on BGP measurements collected by APNIC Labs, to understand the state of the Internet in Thailand, including IPv6 capability.
  • Shane Hermoso delivered training on “Routing Registry Function Automation with RPKI and RPLS” to 14 attendees.

APNIC also held a Member Gathering attended by 15 Members on 9 May to update on APNIC services and new initiatives, and to answer questions on their membership and addressing needs.

The second BKNIX Peering Forum is scheduled for 15 to 16 May 2017.

BKNIX 2016

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