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By on 17 Feb 2016

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Over the next three weeks, two important meetings will take place where the IANA Stewardship Transition will be discussed: APRICOT 2016, happening next week in Auckland, and ICANN 55 being held in Marrakech from 5 to 10 March.

In preparation for these meetings, I talked with Izumi Okutani from JPNIC (and Chair of the CRISP team), as well as Paul Wilson from APNIC about the latest updates on the IANA stewardship transition.

Our conversation deals with the status of the implementation of the numbering community’s IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal (commonly referred to as the CRISP Proposal), including the discussions on the Service Level Agreement with ICANN, a Numbering Services Review Committee, and the intellectual property rights (IPRs), which include the iana.org domain name.

We also discuss the final steps for consolidating the transition master plan, including the CCWG’s recommendations on ICANN’s accountability, all of which will be ready to be submitted to the ICANN Board and the US government, hopefully after ICANN 55.

“We have been watching the progress of the ICANN accountability proposal developments as it affects the timelines of the IANA proposal submission as well,” says Izumi.

“I do hope that the ICANN board will act decisively, but it remains to be seen whether the USG will be able to complete this process in time for the IANA contract to be expired, without renewal, in September 2016,” says Paul.

I hope you enjoy the discussion!

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