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By on 3 Dec 2015

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Dr Rob Blokzijl (left) is awarded the Jonathan B. Postel Service Award by the Internet Society, during the plenary session at IETF93 in Prague, Czech Republic, May 2015.

The Internet community lost a pioneer and an old friend in Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair Emeritus, who passed away aged 72 on 1 December 2015. Rob was a tireless advocate of the Internet’s community-driven approach.

I, and the APNIC Executive Council, fondly remember Rob from our many personal interactions with him at RIPE and APNIC meetings, dating back to the earliest days of the RIR system. We got the sad news just as we were concluding our meeting in Guam yesterday, and have passed the following resolution in recognition and appreciation of Rob’s role in the Internet ecosystem.


The APNIC Executive Council, on behalf of APNIC staff and the APNIC community, expresses its condolences to the family and the RIPE Community on the passing away of Rob Blokzijl. Rob was chairman of RIPE for 25 years, and founding member of RIPE. Rob’s contribution to the RIR system and Internet was second to none, and we in the APNIC community feel the great loss. May his soul rest in peace.


The RIPE NCC has published a very thoughtful obituary for Rob and you can leave your own tribute to him on the same page.


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