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By on 25 Nov 2015

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Around 520 people from 52 countries attended RIPE 71 held in Bucharest, Romania from 16 to 20 November.

APNIC participated and presented during the five-day event, which is open to Internet service providers, network operators and other interested parties.

APNIC activities included:
• Geoff Huston presented on IPv6 and IPv4 relative performance during the routing working group

• Geoff also presented a keynote at the Closing Plenary in which he describes a future Internet dominated by mobile devices and discusses potential impacts on current Infrastructure and planning

  • George Michaelson presented on APNIC’s IPv6 measurements and how it collects data on different IPv6 capable devices

  • Tom Do presented an update on APNIC’s activities in 2015
  • APNIC staff discussed registry and service improvements with RIPE NCC colleagues to share experiences and gauge future collaboration opportunities.

For more information on the event, be sure to read Geoff Huston’s RIPE 71 meeting report.

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  1. Tim Coote

    If IPv6 performance is so poor compared to IPv4 at the TCP level, I wonder why fb is measuring ~30% better response times. It could just be that there’s more capacity on the IPv6 routes.


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