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By on 5 Nov 2015

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Last week I accompanied APNIC’s Training Manager, Nurul Islam Roman, to Selangor, Malaysia to begin my new role as an APNIC trainer.

Around 40 people attended our three-day Routing Workshop, which was designed for mid-level to senior technical and design staff of ISPs, network operators and other enterprises, who are involved in day-to-day network operations and planning functions.

I’d previously worked as an instructor for Huawei for more than six years, so it was interesting to be an observer and see how Nurul conducts his workshops. He explained every topic in great detail and shared many case studies, which helped people understand the concepts as well as gain confidence from other people’s successes.

On the last day, I asked some participants what they thought of the workshop too.

I really enjoyed the training and I hope to bring more of my colleagues to the Routing II Workshop next year – Gerald Oo Aik Kheong, TeamCloud

I have attended many APNIC e-learning training sessions, which I recommend to my colleagues to join. My company has arranged for my team and I to travel to Jakarta in December for APNIC’s IPv6 workshop. – Idzulkhairi Bin Isa, Sacofa

Nurul is a trainer with a lot of network experience, you can get guide from this training – Paul Mok, World Hub.

Deploying IPv6 in Malaysia

All participants were especially interested in the lesson about IPv6 address structure.

Although Malaysia is one of the leaders in IPv6 deployment in Asia Pacific (over 10% IPv6 capable, as of October 2015) most of the participants said they had limited experience with it. Some told me that they know IPv6 is the trend but it is hard for them to find appropriate guidelines on it.

One participant said their organization was deploying IPv6; however their upstream service provider is not using IPv6, something they are trying to resolve with their ISP.

Issues like this are not uncommon and is why APNIC engages in activities throughout the region, like these workshops, to help facilitate a smooth transition. For more information on IPv6 be sure to check out our webpage IPv6@APNIC.

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  1. Cindy Zhou

    As mentioned in this artical, ipv6 is not new for me but is hard to undertand deeply, especially on how to design IPV6 network and complete the transition between IPV4 and IPV6. Since APNIC is composed of experienced staffs such as Nurul and Jessica Wei, I will keep attention on APNIC for otain more profesional information, and explore the cooperation oportunies in trainning one day.

  2. Robbie Mitchell

    Thanks for your comment Cindy. We look forward to seeing you in one of our future workshops or eLearning trainings.

    Be sure to check out the APNIC Training website for more information


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