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By on 7 Sep 2015

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Selamat datang di APNIC 40!

We are proud to be welcoming you to Jakarta, Indonesia for APNIC 40. Our great thanks to APJII, our local hosts for their kind hospitality and hard work in supporting the meeting, and all our sponsors.

We are honoured to have Minister Rudiantara, Indonesia’s Minister of Communications and IT, joining us at the Opening Ceremony, along with our keynote presenters, Johar Alam Rangkuti and Barry Greene.

This year is the first time the conference program has been streamlined to three days. While the event is shorter, the agenda is very strong and full of excellent technical sessions with many distinguished speakers. Some of the highlights include:

For those of you who cannot attend in-person, most of the sessions will be webcast, and live transcripts will be available for many of the sessions.

To help with your scheduling, download the APNIC 40 meeting app (no longer available) to help build your own schedule, see who else is attending, and view the venue maps.

If this is your first time to an APNIC conference, make sure you attend the Newcomers lunch for information on how to maximize your conference experience. We encourage you to participate in the Policy Special Interest Group (SIG) and have your say about how Internet number resources are managed. If you’re an APNIC Member, the APNIC Member Meeting on Thursday is a must-attend to learn about APNIC’s activities and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and provide suggestions to the APNIC Executive Council (EC).

You’ll have ample opportunity to network and socialize at the many Social Events on offer.

We hope you have an enjoyable APNIC 40. With more than 500 registered attendees, it will be a busy time, but if you need any help, please visit the Member Services Lounge or talk to one of the friendly APNIC staff.

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